Gathering together in Ethiopia is like a return to the origins of the Church

Mar 2, 2023

Bishop Antonio Camilleri, Apostolic Nuncio to Ethiopia reiterated his welcome to all the delegations in this land which is, according to the Scriptures, a land where Christians recognize their origins and their belonging to the Church, as Cardinal Souraphiel Berhaneyesus Demerew, President of the Conference of Catholic Bishops of Ethiopia, had underlined before.

He was delighted for this moment in its fully ecclesial nature, since it is more than a gathering of a parliamentary nature where people theorize on questions of society. It is rather a meeting with the heavenly Father, at the same time as one meets his brothers and sisters. Moreover, it is a meeting of those who welcome each other and travel together, like a “synodos”, as Saint John says, this apostle venerated in this land since the first centuries of the Christian era.

However, this “walking together” which is part of continuity does not exclude discontinuity, especially for a Church which concerned by paying particular attention to everyone, even beyond the divisions that our societies live and in which we learn to listen to each other. This is why synodality means solidarity, mutual support, attention to others… Therefore, it is not a new structure of the Church: it is a matter of doing   things which have always been done, but in a renewed way inspired by the Gospel. Above all, it is not a question of the narrative of the majority, but a question of creating spaces for all (Isaiah 54.2; Genesis 26), allowing God to prepare something new for us, in our way of living the Gospel.